Marine Inboard Engine OIL Analysis

A motor oil analysis should be part of all marine engine maintenance and part of every boat purchaser’s survey.

  • Whether you do your boating offshore , the broadwater or on the fresh water lakes, all marine use takes its toll on the engine’s operation. 
  • Marine Engines will be under a heavy workload, you need to keep up with your machinery maintenance to better enjoy your experiences on the water.
  • Power or Sail, Inboards or some Out Boards. Small boats or large mega-yachts. Petrol or diesel. We can provide a fast turn around on your oil sample analysis. We can have analyzed all makes and models.
  • A marine engine oil analysis from a Motor Check Oil Analysis Laboratory gives you a good picture to your engine’s health.
  • Maritime Surveyor believes in environmentally friendly practices. We dispose of our oil, tubes, & bottles in an eco-friendly recycling way! We live in this world, we believe we have a duty to keep it clean & healthy.

Maritime Surveyor Provides A Fast Turn Around That You Require To Validate the Condition of Your Engines.

* Please note; Our oil analysis reports are summary reports from a Motor Oil Analysis Laboratory and are usually delivered within our Pre-Purchase and Insurance Report’s. Element individual range level results (ppm’s or parts per million) are not included or interpret by Maritime Surveyor, however can be obtained/included if requested in writing prior to booking the Oil Analysis. Extra fees may apply.