Vessel Survey Reports

YES WE CAN do Insurance Survey Reports on AMSA or QLD Commercial Vessels!! Call us now for more information!!

If you require one of our most comprehensive reports below or any other report that  includes inspections of Hull, Engine's, Machinery, operating systems, Electronics, Electrical, Safety gear and much more with testing/inspections  In and out of water including sea trials please contact us now!!

  1. Pre-Purchase Surveys,
  2. Insurance Surveys,
  3. Customs Valuetions, 
  4. Warranty Surveys, 
  5. Damage Condition Surveys, 
  6. Condition & Appraisal Surveys, 
  7. Sea Trial Survey Report.

Pre-Purchase Survey is the most detailed type of survey we offer. It is a comprehensive inspection of the entire vessel, including but not limited to Hull, Decks, Bulkheads, Engine’s & Drive Systems, Machinery, Operating system’s, Electronics, Electrical, Safety gear and much more where possible and takes a few hours to complete depending on size, condition and option of survey.

There are two options for the Pre-Purchase Survey.

Option 1: Is an inspection while the boat is in the water and berthed. Wherever possible, we inspect most of the vessels hull above waterline and all Decks, Engine’s, Machinery, Operating system’s, Electronics, Electrical, Safety gear and much more where possible.

Option 2: Includes all of Option 1 inspections plus exterior under waterline hull inspection while the boat is hauled out and includes props, shafts, rudders and much more where possible and takes a few hours to complete. Please note that the purchaser or current owner/broker will need to organise and pay at their cost for a travel lift to have the vessel lifted out of the water. It is highly recommended for a Pre-Purchase and required for Insurance survey reports.

The Pre Purchase survey cost is also inclusive of:

- Travel to location as required within our area of operation.

Sea trial to test the engines, steering & systems in real-life conditions if requested prior or during booking. Please note that the surveyor is busy inspecting so will not usually skipper the vessel at sea trials and a skipper must be provided  by purchaser or current owner/broker of vessel for the duration of the sea trial, although the surveyor may take charge of the vessel if required for further testing!

- Comprehensive Report with lots of photos, information and recommendations usually delivered by email within 72hours from inspection day.

- Available for questions and follow-up of survey report after delivery of the report.

The resulting Survey Report is a detailed account of the condition and seaworthiness of the vessel and all her systems as found at the time of survey. The Report can be used for marine insurance applications so there’s no need to have an additional Insurance Survey done assuming you have taken ‘option 2’ above.

Pre-Purchase Surveys often pay for themselves because in many cases the surveyor discovers defects that allow you to have piece of mind of your purchase or negotiate a lower purchase price if required.

Insurance Survey Marine insurance companies require a survey report for all new applications as well as renewal surveys every one to ten years on older vessels. The main purpose of these surveys is to determine if your vessel is an acceptable risk for the Underwriters. This survey reports are similar to our option 2 pre-purchase survey reports.

VESSEL PREPARATION FOR INSPECTION  It is the purchasers or brokers responsibility to request and the owner of the vessel’s responsibility to make sure that the vessel is properly prepared for the survey inspection. Failure to do so can have a negative effect on the outcome of the inspection and survey report, including value, and potentially the vessel’s insurability.   

In order for the surveyor to perform a thorough inspection in a reasonable time, the boat needs to be prepared by ensuring the following:

-Making sure that the vessel is clean,

-Removing unnecessary items from the vessel, including personal effects and clutter,

-Having registration papers and service records available for inspection,

-Ensuring that all equipment to be inspected are on-board and are operational,

-Batteries should be charged and in good condition, enough fuel for sea trial,

-Make sure the navigation lights are in working order and safety gear up to date,

-Make sure there is enough lifejackets on board,

-Fix items that are known to be broken.

-Keep people to a minimum onboard the vessel during a survey inspection as is a significant distraction and can affect the surveyor’s ability to do his job.

-When it is not always possible or practical to remove all of the personal effects and clutter. The surveyor may ask the owner to clean out lockers and storage areas one at a time to allow inspection of the space. Otherwise, the space will not be inspected, which can limit the full inspection of the vessel.

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